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Cheer and Tumbling

Cheer and Tumbling

Cheer Basics

New to cheer? Come learn jump technique, proper motion placement, introduction to stunting, and basics for allstar or sideline cheer. This class is perfect for anyone needing to improve their jumps and motion technique or anyone getting ready for tryouts as well!

Cheer and Tumbling

Level 1- Beginners

Our level one class builds the foundation needed to succeed for years to come in tumbling and cheerleading. No experience is necessary as this class introduces you to the basics of tumbling, body control and building strength in a fun learning environment. Open to all ages starting at 4 years old!

Skills Taught:
  • Forward rolls
  • Backward rolls
  • L-Stands
  • Handstand (walks, blocks, snap drills)
  • Backbend
  • Backbend kickover
  • Cartwheel
  • Roundoff (standing, power hurdle, two step)
  • Rebounds

Cheer and Tumbling

Level 2

Our level two class is for athletes with basic knowledge of tumbling concepts that want to continue to learn skills like handsprings and more intermediate skills. This class focuses on proper progressions through the Texas Pride curriculum while having fun, building physical fitness, and learning new skills in a positive environment! All ages from four years old are welcome!

Skills Taught:
  • Standing Back handspring (BHS)
  • Round off /Power hurdle / 2 step BHS
  • Running & Standing BHS combination skills
  • 2 step hurdle punch dive roll
  • Front Handspring
  • Round off BHS series
  • Standing BHS series
  • BHS step out

Cheer and Tumbling

Level 3

Our level 3 class continues to build on intermediate skills and enters into advanced level skills while following progressions and continuing to build the athlete's confidence in their skills and self. Athletes must have intermediate knowledge of tumbling concepts to enter this class. Ages five years and older are invited to this exciting learning environment!

Skills Taught:
  • Round off BHS Back Tuck (From running, 2-step, and Power Hurdle)
  • Front Handspring Rebound Dive Rolls
  • Front Tuck (From running, and 2-step)
  • Aerial (chasse)
  • Running Series & combination to Back Tuck
  • Standing BHS series to Back Tuck (only after running tuck mastered)

Cheer and Tumbling

Level 4/5

Our level four and five class is designed for advanced athletes committed to proper progressions ensuring technically perfect skills. The higher the level of the skill means importance must be placed on technique and Texas Pride is committed to technical mastery before moving on. This minimizes injuries and builds confidence and strength in each athlete. Our coaches are committed to making this learning environment safe, exciting and fun!

Skills Taught:
  • Round off BHS Layout (From Power Hurdle, 2 step, Running)
  • Standing BHS series to Layout
  • Front Tuck step out Round off BHS Layout
  • Round off BHS Back tuck BHS Layout
  • Standing Back tuck
  • Round off BHS Full Twisting Layout (From Power Hurdle, 2 step, Running)
  • Standing BHS series to Full Twisting Layout
  • Bounding
  • Front Twisting
  • Arabians
  • Elite Twisting

Cheer and Tumbling

Mixed Levels

Our mixed levels tumbling class offers a chance to take class with all your friends regardless of levels. Level stations are set up to allow for all levels to properly progress and keep class fun and exciting while being surrounded by different levels of athletes.